Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Ms Teach BD is committed to protecting your personal information when you are using any of the websites from Ms Teach BD. This Privacy Policy relates to using any personal information that it collects from visitors/readers via the following, among other, services:

any Ms Teach BD website that links to this privacy policy;
social media or official Ms Teach BD content on other websites;

In all the above services, the “Privacy Policy” shall apply only when the application, website or contents therein are truly & genuinely generated by Ms Teach BD. Provided that, no application, website or contents therein are generated or presented at any false or fake website, page or group in the name( or with false logo) of Ms Teach BD, won’t get this protection.

Ms Teach BD collects or receives information about its users for many purposes; for instance, to provide services designed to serve the user, to monitor and improve the services offerings, for marketing or targeting advertisement, etc. Such information may include your name, address, phone number, email address, age, social network account, etc. (“the Information”).

There may be other privacy policies that apply to certain services provided by Ms Teach BD. Visitors are requested to read these while registering or subscribing to these services on these sites. Ms Teach BD respects the privacy of its visitors/readers and makes use of its best effort to ensure that the information collected is used for the limited purpose for which it was received.

Special Precaution
There lies, in the name of Ms Teach BD, multiple fake websites and Facebook pages and unauthorized/ unwanted Facebook groups online. Ms Teach BD shall hold no responsibility for any content generated, published, or shared in those fake websites, unauthorized pages & groups in social media.

How UI collects the information
Ms Teach BD collects the information on a user upon the user’s access to the Ms Teach BD website –

(i) by registering to the site,

(ii) subscribing to the newsletter,

(iii) responding to a survey, or participating in a competition,

(iv) logging-in to a site or page, etc.

The advertisements included in the Ms Teach BD website, are by third-party companies & ad networks through independent ad tags, which may collect information about users for which Ms Teach BD shall bear no responsibility that may arise as a result of collecting and/or sharing the information with any other party.

Ms Teach BD shall not accept any liability that may arise as a result of any content of any advertisement that may appear on the Ms Teach BD website.

Use of Cookies
Ms Teach BD does not collect any user data based on cookies, nor does it store any sort of user information that may be personal to the user.

If a third party associated with the Ms Teach BD website collects user cookies upon your visit to the Ms Teach BD website, Ms Teach BD does not control the use of these cookies therefore you should check the relevant third-party website.

Demographic and purchase information:
We may reference other sources of demographic and other information to provide you with more targeted communications and promotions. We use Google Analytics, among others, to track user behavior on our website. You can opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using the Ads Settings options provided by Google.